European Association of Fintech Stakeholders
Aleksandar holds degrees in Computer sciences and IT from Skopje University St. Kiril and Metodij. Since 1996 until 2001 he worked in two IT companies in Ohrid. In 2001 he joined Civil Servants Agency as a state counselor, covering ICT and e-government issues. At 2011  he continued his career  as a state counselor in Ministry for information society and administration. Since March 2012 he join Ministry of foreign affairs, as a director for organizational affairs (secretary general), covering finance, human recourse, IT, legal, logistical affairs of the ministry. He is coauthor of  the firs and the only one book for e-government in Macedonia and few e-government related handbooks. Aleksandar is active as a consultant in the region on EU funded projects and former IDC analyst for Macedonia.
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