European Association of Fintech Stakeholders

What is Fintechguardian?

Fintechguardian is European Federation of NGOs, Fintech companies, start-ups, and users. THE ASSOCIATION acts as an independent expertise center that aims at representing, protecting, and defending at European and national level the interests of all Fintech users and stakeholders such as but not limited to financial services users and consumers residing in the European Union and in the countries members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). It acts to the direct benefit of its members and consequently to the society as a whole. Fintechguardian aims at creating of universally acceptable and applicable standards for Fintech services, promoting Fintech education and financial-technological literacy. We combine expertise from different areas of financial markets as well as from different layers of the financial industry advocating for the benefit of borrowers, shareholders, savers, pension fund participants, life insurance policy holders, general insurance users, and other stakeholders who are independent from the financial industry. 
We believe that only in close collaboration with all Fintech-scene actors a safe and sound environment may be developed, where the principles of profit and risk-bearing are coexisting with protection of individual rights, personal freedom and safety to the benefit of the consumers. 
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