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Fintechguardian is advocating and defending the interests of Fintech stakeholders at European level, in order to promote training, research and information on up-to-date developments. Therefore member organisations pursuing the same objectives have been grouped at national or supranational level. Fintechguardian functions according to the European principle of subsidiarity and is comprised by full and associate members.

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The decision to accept a new application for full or associate membership will be made by the board of directors with a majority of two thirds and with at least three quarters of the board members present or represented. Interested candidates may apply for membership by contacting our office

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Support us online and get involved! It’s easy to have your say and make your voice heard. Become a Friend of Fintechguardian and join us in lively debates about issues at stake on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Fintechguardian is a non-for-profit non-governmental organization registered in Bulgaria, that can receive donations and legacies. We are entirely independent from political parties and corporate interests. 


No matter how big or small it is, your donation will ensure that we can fulfill our mission and remain completely independent. Your donations will also build our credibility and strengthen our cause and interventions. Please visit our website regularly to stay informed about our work and benefit from clarifications on the technical points raised in the different regulations.

How to donate

Fintechguardian is NGO registered in Bulgaria. If you are interested in donating, please contact us for more information. Fintechguardian depends on membership fees, grants and donations. It does not accept any funding from the financial industry or political parties.

Donations to non-profit associations may be tax deductible in some countries.

 Since we would like to say thank you to all our supporters let us know that you donated and send us an e-mail   to office(at)

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