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Fintechduardian is advocating and defending the interests of Fintech stakeholders at European level, in order to promote training, research and information on the intermingling of Technology and Finance. Therefore, members pursuing the same objectives have been grouped at national or supranational level. Fintechguardian acts by respecting the European principle of subsidiarity. Fintechguardian is composed of natural and juridicual persons - members.

As a Federation of European of national organisations and citizens, Fintechguardian’s role is to represent the interests of its member organisations vis-a-vis the National and European authorities. We act in the interest of our members, which represent Fintechs stakeholders in the different member countries. On behalf of our members we carry out advocacy and research activities at national and EU level.

We also facilitate contacts, communication, information sharing and discussions on topical financial issues between member organisations and other stakeholders, through the organisation of general assemblies, international conferences (often organised in partnership with member organisations), Working Groups (which take an active role in building up our position papers) and of course our own communication activities (press releases, newsletters, media conferences, etc.) or amplification of member’s communication activities. We aim to at all times remain active to any issues affecting members as well as changes arising in the Fintech sector. We try to involve our member organizations in our advocacy activities and organis meetings for them with national and European Authorities or politicians.

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