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Protection of insureds and pensioneers

2016 Protection of insureds and pensioneers
The conference took place on 08.11.2016 in Sofia. It was first event of its kind. An initiative in the field of consumers protection of insureds and pensioneers with objective is to compare the development of this topic in European and national context allowing for consideration of its specifics, not only from a regulatory standpoint, but from civil sector NGOs, profiled in this area.
The idea was to bring together experts from the European Supervisory Authority EIOPA, the national regulator FSC and international and national NGOs to present the latest trends and problems encountered in their work.



09:00 Registration
09:10 Opening - Desislav Danov - IRSG
09:20 Consumer protection at European level - Julian Arevalo, Expert on consumer protection and financial innovation at EIOPA
09.50 Real return of pension products in EUROPE 2000-2016 - Dr.Lubomir Christoff, ChFC - IDFK and SMSG
10.10 Standardized pan-european pension product - a new step in protecting insured - Álex Rodríguez Toscano, Betterfinancie,
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Consumer or Stakeholder. The role if the insured person in the new regulatory environment - Alexandru Ciuncan, Xprimm, IRSG
11.30 Consumer protection at national level
12:00 Problem areas - Georgi Atanasov, BFF
12:20 Presentation of the ODR platform - Desislav Danov, IRSG
12.40 Questions and answers
13.00 Closing

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